Investment Due Diligence

Using Protolyst as a Due Diligence Platform to analyse and evaluate investment opportunities

Streamlined Evidence Collection to Make Better Investment Decisions 

Conducting Due Diligence

As an investor, conducting due diligence (DD) is a critical step in qualifying investment opportunities. The DD process can be time-consuming and complex, with time spent conducting research to track down and verify crucial information, manually checking document accuracy, and coordinating with multiple parties. The process of gathering relevant information from your own research, disparate reports and articles, email threads and months of meeting notes, can feel overwhelming and quickly require significant admin to manage. 

Collecting Evidence with Protolyst

Protolyst was built to support individuals and teams to flag key insights, track crucial information and quickly build conviction around your proprieatry due diligence criteria to make informed decisions.
Our workspaces allow you to conduct your due diligence all in one place; keeping track of your various sources and providing you with a system to collect insights and evidence around your key criteria to analyse opportunities and make your decisions, while reducing the time spent managing your information

  • 3x More Insights

    All the information you need in one place: Intuitive but powerful knowledge management capabilities allow you to easily collate and categorise information from your first call with a company, to the final stages of DD. You'll be able to capture the most important insights, collate related data points from different sources together, and quickly find everything you need to make informed decisions.

  • 2x Faster Analysis

    Streamline your analysis: Protolyst brings the crucial knowledge that you care about to the forefront, so you can review documents, write reports and make well-informed decisions. All the evidence you gather is collected around your chosen decision points to help you get straight to the information that matters for making your decisions.

  • 1 Click Evidence

    Defend your decisions: Never have to worry about searching to refind evidence again. Protolyst automatically captures an evidence trail of all your due diligence activities, making it easy to defend your decisions with just one click to view the source of any insight or evidence point. With Protolyst, you'll have a complete and transparent record of your decision making process.

"The ability to capture and share key information as deals move through our pipeline allows us to operate much more effectively"

Johnathan Matlock
Cofounder, Science Angel Syndicate

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Keep Track of Key Information

Take notes or upload files, then simply highlight the information that matters to you. This distilled information and your insights are at your fingertips when you need them most, whether you’re preparing for an upcoming meeting or making a final investment decision.

Supercharge your Analysis

Protolyst helps you streamline your analysis by collating important information and evidence around customisable assessment criteria. You can easily filter, sort, and organise data points, giving you a more comprehensive view of potential investments. With Protolyst, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions in less time.

Evidence your Decisions

Retrace your steps, or those of your team, so you never have to question why a decision was made. Every insight and piece of evidence you collect has a link back to it’s original source. Consider all the evidence collected for each of your criteria, and gather further context from the source as needed.

Have a Question?

We work with VCs and Angel Investors to develop workflows that are intuitive, effective and complementary to their existing processes. Get in touch to chat with us about adding your workflow to Protolyst

Extensible Workflows

  • Deal Pipeline Management

    Take Control of Your Deal Flow. Protolyst makes it easy to manage your deals and stay on top of your pipeline. you can track and organise your investments by stage, priority, and other key criteria, helping your prioritise your efforts and focus on the most promising opportunities. We have features to facilitate document submission, email communications and investment enquiries with advanced tools.

  • Collaborate Seamlessly

    Protolyst's powerful data-sharing capabilities make it easy to input and share information. You can quickly create forms to capture the information you need and build custom microsites to share information with your team, investors, or other stakeholders, helping you stay aligned and informed throughout the investment process.

  • Highly Customisable

    Flexible project and knowledge management features enable you to easily refine your processes and manage your information using workflows that meet your specific needs. Create custom assessment criteria, log arising questions, develop a customisable data room structure: build the workflow that empowers you and your team.

Make your Investment Decisions With Protolyst

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. We can bespoke the platform to suit your needs and help migrate your data to get you up and running. Or if you'd like to take a closer look, get started with our trial workspace. 

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