Your Knowledge. Your Projects. One Platform.

Built to keep your key ideas connected and secure. Think of us as Notion meets Roam Research, where the power of connected knowledge is finally usable within your personal or team workflows.

Capture your Insights

You might call them highlights, annotations, insights, fleeting notes; we call them “Atoms”. Capture the ‘aha’ moments, the snippets of detail we want to save for the future, the golden nuggets of information amongst the noise.

Connect your ideas where you need them

Connect your key insights and information to topics or pages. Iterate key ideas and track where they are cited. You’re only ever one click away from the source.

Keep Projects Moving

Organize your tasks and projects with powerful workflows to integrate your knowledge.

"Protolyst’s tools have been enormously useful to collaboratively gather information and relay it in an informative way.  Our workspace has enabled us to very easily create a snapshot of our business opportunity."

Molly, a customer
Molly Allington
CEO, Albotherm

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