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"Protolyst has been very useful for research deep dives as you can easily access your information"

Laura, PhD Researcher

"I'm incredibly annoyed by the fact I only found Protolyst 2 years into my PhD, it would have saved me from a lot of annoying re-reading and inefficient note taking!"

Theresa, PhD Researcher

"Being able to organise everything in 1 tool is awesome. Protolyst is well on it's way to replace OneNote!"

Seb, Masters Student
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Add your papers and sources to save your highlights and add your annotations while reading


Organise every highlight to suit your way of working while never losing track of where it came from with precise source links


Add your highlights into a page to build your arguments with automatic in-text citations and references section added

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In research, you acquire facts and ideas from existing knowledge, assemble them together to further your own projects and then share what you find and deduce.  Throughout, it’s the details that really matter, so we built Protolyst to help you easily work with, manage and accurately refer to those details.

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