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Zettelkasten for Researchers on Protolyst

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Hi all,

I just posted an intro to how I use Protolyst for taking notes as an academic researcher.

I use a Zettelkasten-like approach. Here are the steps

  1. Create – a “Sources” or “Bibliography” table to hold all your PDFs and a “Permanent Notes” table for your important notes
  2. Upload – pdf version of a scientific article/paper/journal into my Protolyst “Sources” database
  3. Capture Fleeting Notes – Read the article and atomise important information  
  4. Add Context – either after reading the article or as you capture each atom, edit the Atom text to be in your own words. This is important for making the information understandable to “future you”.
  5. Permanent Notes – Go through each Atom and where ideas are particularly important, add a new page from the Atom in your “Permanent Notes” database and write a complete concept note, pooling knowledge from sources already in your workspace
  6. Link Permanent Notes – Find connections to other pages and Atoms to add depth and connection to your ideas and help you to stumble upon related ideas



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